It's a dog's life made easier

Whether it's a slimy tennis ball or your brand new underwear, you're always getting things for, or from, your dog. Sometimes looking out for them is all you care about and sometimes it's the last thing you have time for. That's where we come in.

For the times when you've had a long week and forgotten new treats and toys, GoGetMe will be your Personal Pooch Assistant (PPA).

Bringing all of your dog's needs direct to your door, every month - before they even have time to bark, "woof".

It's a dog's life made easier

The PPA Promise

We aim to source treats and chews that are:

  • Made in Australia or New Zealand
  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Grain free
  • Single ingredient products

We aim to source toys that are:

  • High quality
  • Last longer than a few hours
  • Approved by our team of dog testers
  • Keep your dog stimulated, happy
    and healthy
Proudly supporting Dogs for Kids with Disabilities